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VoIP Phone Systems for Medical Offices

Offer Incredible Service to Your Patients

The most important thing for you as a doctor or dentist is to stay connected with your patients and vendors via your phone system or PBX. The fast moving changes in communication technology have lead to the maturity of VoIP (Voice over IP) technology in recent years. With many major network carriers changing from analog and ISDN to VoIP now and the upcoming years, VoIP has become more than an alternative. It is the future of communication for any medical office.

Time and Priority Based Call Distribution with IP

Add different voice prompts for different hours of the day and make sure that calls get routed correctly during lunch or or after opening hours of your medical practice. Call Queues and Call Groups ensure a prioritized handling of incoming calls and a different handling of emergencies. For special services like night or weekend attendance, the standard call routing and announcements can easily be adjusted by a simple button press on the phone. Also advanced features like forwarding to changing cell phones or forwarding of voicemails via email are supported.

Medical Office

Workplace Mobility and DECT meets Healthcare

The development of software telephones, also called UC clients, and Hot Desking allow the easy change of desks and offices for medical personnel. Moving between different consultations or even different parts of a hospital and using the exact same telephony infrastructure is already standard. The DECT standard for cordless handsets is also available for IP phone systems. The difference just concerns the base stations which communicate with the PBX via the local network. For the workflow in the medical office that means that nothing needs to be changed as cordless telephony is still available.

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