How Green IT affects your IP phone system

Saving energy with Green VoIP and AskoziaPBX

What is Green IT?

Green IT refers to the practice of ecologically sustainable computing. By founding IT design and operation on a more environmentally-friendly way of thinking, negative impacts on the environment are to be reduced. One of the aims behind Green IT, and in parallel a benefit for your business, is to maximize energy-efficiency during the product’s lifetime. Other components of Green IT include the redesign of data centers, as well as virtualisation on low-energy consuming hardware, Green Networking and Cloud Computing.
Green IT and sustainability reduce environmental pollution, and can favour your budget at the same time. Askozia PBX and Telephony Servers are designed according to Green IT and VoIP, requiring less hardware and only low energy consumption. Depending on the chosen equipment, the average consumption is only 6-18 watts. As Askozia Telephony Servers are based on low-energy-consuming embedded hardware, minimal heat development and passive cooling furthermore lead to zero noise emission.

Desktop Telephony Server compared to Octopus F50

Our Desktop Telephony Server supports up to 15 users and requires a maximum of 7 watts. This is only 23% of the energy required by a comparable Octopus F50 phone system.
Energy consumption of Desktop Telephony Server vs. Octopus F50

19″ Telephony Server compared to Siemens HiPath 3300

Compared to other phone systems for up to 100 users, 19″ Telephony Servers can save you even more energy and money. A Telephony Server with 4 ISDN BRI ports and 4 analog FXS ports only consumes about 18 watts. Compared to a Siemens HiPath 3300 phone system, Askozia saves you more than 80 % on your electricity costs. Also for even higher numbers of users, this advantage remains.
Energy consumption of 19

Save the environment and your money with AskoziaPBX

Lower energy consumption does not only helps your business saving money, it helps protecting the environment. With Askozia, you can save up to 80% CO2 compared to your old phone system.
If we consider a C02 emission of 0.55kg per kWh, you can save about 384kg of CO2 with an Askozia phone system compared to a HiPath 3000 per year.