Easiest IP phone system in the world

Askozia offers the world’s most lightweight and affordable PBX software platform. Learn how it works and get started with a free trial today!

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The it-just-works PBX

Askozia offers the world’s most lightweight and affordable Asterisk-based software phone system. It includes all state of the art business PBX features, easy configuration and real-time statistics.

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Powerful PBX Addons

Askozia phone systems can be expanded with powerful software addons. Those allow you to customize Askozia phone system for your business, no matter what your requirements are.

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Free choice of IP phones

Askozia phone systems support the vast majority of all modern IP phone handsets sold worldwide. This includes a variety of models from snom, Gigaset, Yealink and Grandstream.

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Webinar: Fallstudie einer DECT-Installation

Webinar: Fallstudie einer DECT-Installation

Im Webinar am Freitag geht es um die lückenlose Abdeckung von zwei Etagen mit einem Gigaset pro DECT-System für 140 Mitarbeiter.
May 19, 2017
Thanks to Plant-for-the-Planet Foundation

Thanks to Plant-for-the-Planet Foundation

We’d like to thank the Plant-for-the-Planet Foundation for using AskoziaPBX and sending us super tasty chocolate!
May 12, 2017
Boost your business telephony with Askozia’s IX add-on

Boost your business telephony with Askozia’s IX add-on

Easily interconnect different company locations or offices in seconds with our IX software add-on for AskoziaPBX, including 2click configuration across locations, BLF distribution, remote breakout and access level management!
May 4, 2017

Case Studies & Papers

The transition from traditional telephony to VoIP leaves many executives with un uneasy feeling. In our white papers and case studies we are helping you to take well informed decisions for your company.

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The Callflow Editor

Call Flow Editor

The Call Flow Editor is a magic tool kit that allows you to create a custom phone system for your business. More than 70 different telephony modules can be combined to make even the most complex scenarios possible.


Voice Prompts

Make the best impression on your callers from the very first second. A great phone system is the first step. To provide the perfect experience for your customers, professional voice prompts are just as essential.


Askozia 5.0

Askozia 5 is the result of one year of intense development. We have added many new features that will drastically reduce integration time and propel user productivity to a new level.

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Telephony Server

No matter if you are a small business or a professional call center with thousands of calls per day, our Telephony Servers, combined with AskoizaPBX software, cover all fields of application – at an exceptional price.

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