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What ISDN interface cards are supported by AskoziaPBX?

AskoziaPBX supports the following ISDN interface cards.

Allo ISDN BRI Card (2x and 4x)
BeroNet BN1S0 miniPCI
BeroNet BN2S0 PCI
BeroNet BN2S0 miniPCI
BeroNet BN2S0 PCIe
BeroNet BN4S0 PCI
BeroNet BN4S0 miniPCI
BeroNet BN4S0 PCIe
BeroNet BN8S0
BeroNet BN8S0+
Digium Wildcard B410P PCI
Digium B200P PCI
Digium B400P PCI
Digium B800P PCI
HFC-4S CCAG Eval (old)
HFC-8S CCAG Eval (old)
HFC-8S IOB4ST Recording
Junghanns.NET duoBRI PCI
Junghanns.NET duoBRI miniPCI
Junghanns.NET quadBRI PCI
Junghanns.NET quadBRI miniPCI
Junghanns.NET quadBRI 2.0 PCI
Junghanns.NET octoBRI PCI
Junghanns.NET octoBRI PCI
OpenVox B200P PCI
OpenVox B400P PCI
OpenVox B800P PCI
Swyx 4xS0 SX2 QuadBRI

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