What is Hot Desking?

Hot Desking allows simple switch desks in shared office environments. Hot Desking is often used in companies, where colleages work in shifts or donĀ“t have to be at their desk the whole time. To use Hot Desking a few conditions have to be met. Every employee has to be able to take their phone extension to any telephone in the shared office, to be reachable for customers and colleages – without physically moving their phone or computer. Further it is necessary to combine telephony and data network.

Schematische Darstellung eines Hot Desking Szenario

The AskoziaPBX IP-PBX software offers Hot Desking features like variable activation of phone extensions, a centralized phonebook or voicemail forwarding to any email address. With AskoziaPBX you can easily introduce Hot Desking in your company.

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