What is Asterisk?

Enabling Open Source Communication

Asterisk is an open source software which allows PCs and servers to be set up as a phone systems. It is used in big and small businesses worldwide, as well as in call centers and governments. Asterisk is the underlying telephony framework of AskoziaPBX. Asterisk was invented by the computer scientist Mark Spencer who developed it for his company in 1999 to find a cost-efficient way to implement various scenarios for telephone communications. The software was widely distributed and is still constantly advanced and enhanced today. Adding to the traditional functions of phone systems, the software makes it possible to be adapted to individual requirements. Through extensions and adding of modules, Asterisk appears as an IP PBX with close to no restrictions.

Advantages of Using Asterisk

Since the software is open source and therefore allows unrestricted access and modification, Asterisk is highly adaptable to individual requirements. It supports voice services, phone conferences, encryption without time lag and is completely free. Additionally, it provides the possibility of a connection to analog networks (POTS), allowing you to keep old phones in use and the cost low.
Contrary to Asterisk, traditional PBXs usually require additional hardware for extensions. Prices can skyrocket, if expansions or extra features are required; just to keep the system functional and befitting to your company’s needs. In contrast to this, Asterisk, already is the software solution and therefore the elegant substitute to outdated and inert hardware blocks.

Disadvantages of Asterisk

Imagine you want to build a house: You order all the materials individually to assemble them just the way you want. Surely, it is to your advantage that you are completely in control of the structure and the final product. This is what Asterisk does: It delivers the single bricks and users have to assemble them to their requirements. However, as anyone who has ever built anything will tell you:

Unforeseen obstacles will come your way during this process. Maybe your knowledge about structural analysis was not as comprehensive as you had previously assumed? That is a problem for using Asterisk: It requires a high level of proficiency, time and resources. It can be risky to devote time to a PBX that might end up using up valuable time of your technician or doesn’t work well at all.

AskoziaPBX: Connecting Asterisk’s Flexibility with Easy Usability

AskoziaPBX utilizes the Asterisk framework as its core and therefore embodies all advantages of Asterisk, like flexible scaling and high compatibility. Because smooth communication and usability are ensured, it will open up valuable resources in your company. AskoziaPBX is a full-fledged business PBX that can be put into action on PCs, servers, embedded systems and in the cloud.
This can be done without installing an additional operating system as Linux is already included in the Askozia firmware. Our Powerful add-ons give our customers the opportunity to customize the PBX according to their wishes.The graphic interface (GUI) provides an intuitive way to keep control over your company’s telecommunications. Our license model neither restricts the amount of parallel callers, nor does it decide for you which IP phones to use. With this, we distinctly provide a counterpoint to our competitors’ policies. With the help of Asterisk, we developed an IP PBX that is easy to use, scalable in size and highly compatible – all in addition to our super friendly license model.