What makes Askozia the easiest phone system?

Wide-ranging functionality for an incredible pricing

What is AskoziaPBX?

AskoziaPBX is an innovative IP PBX phone system, that was specifically designed for the needs of small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs). The intuitive web interface allows you to easily set up and manage the whole system.
Askozia provides professional telephony utilizing all modern communication technologies. Furthermore, it comes without any hidden costs or license fees per phone, user or channel.

Future-Proof thanks to Scalability and Flexibility

AskoziaPBX offers all basic telephony functions. You can choose your phones freely. Open standards and additional modules guarantee a scalable and future-proof investment. Optional software modules can be activated with license keys to extend the PBX with additional functions and match your needs.
The most popular add-on is our Call Flow Editor, which enables you to create call flows via drag-and-drop. Even complex interactive functions can be implemented easily, such as custom IVR menus (press 1 for …) and ACD call queues. This way, the Call Flow Editor perfectly synchronizes the PBX with your business processes.

Complete Solutions from a Single Source

Askozia supports both hosted and in-house scenarios, and can be easily integrated as a software PBX into virtual environments such as VirtualBox, VMware, or Hyper-V. For in-house scenarios, Askozia also offers complete solutions, including hardware and adapted to the needs of your business, for full control of your PBX and free choice of your telephone provider.
The Telephony Servers are Askozia’s complete solutions. AskoziaPBX is pre-installed and the server ready for action. Telephony Servers are available as both pure VoIP solutions, and hybrid PBX with additional analog or ISDN interfaces. The systems are low-energy consuming. Depending on the equipment, the average consumption is only 6-18 watts.