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What analog interface cards are supported by AskoziaPBX?

AskoziaPBX supports the following analog interface cards.

OpenVox A1200P up to 12 analog ports
OpenVox A2410P: up to 24 analog ports
Digium TDM2400P/AEX2400: up to 24 analog ports (or similar)
Digium TDM800P/AEX800: up to 8 analog ports (or similar)
Digium TDM410P/AEX410: up to 4 analog ports (or similar)
Digium Hx8 Series: Up to 8 analog or BRI ports (or similar)
Digium TDM400P: up to 4 analog ports (or similar)
X100P, similar and clones. A simple single-port FXO card

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