Why Askozia?

Reliable. Future-Proof. Simple.

Ten Good Reasons for Askozia

• Best price-performance ratio of all PBX phone systems for SMEs
• No additional license fees per user, telephone or parallel calls
• Free choice of IP phones
• Free choice of providers
• Straight forward integration thanks to the intuitive web interface
• Customization by means of optional software modules
• Easy implementation and adaptation even of complex scenarios
• Scalable and flexible due to open interfaces
• Safe and future-proof investment thanks to standard hardware
• Extensive online documentation and technical support

Easy Configuration and Barrier-Free Communication

• Automatic phone detection within the network (LAN)
• Setup simplified by means of templates
• Backup and restore in one file
• Support for USB storage media
• System diagnostics and expert mode
• Multilingual online manual
• No artificial license limitations
• Support for VoIP, ISDN, analogue and GSM
• Free choice of telephones
• Multilingual voice prompts
• Mobile phone integration
• Free choice of SIP Trunks and providers

Comfortable telephony and call management

• Auto Attendant
• Conference calls
• Call recording
• Speed dials and call waiting
• Analog fax support
• Virtual fax and fax archive
• Central phone book
• ACD call queues and call forwarding
• Night switch
• Missed call and voice mail alerts via email
• Call, hunt and pick-up groups
• Call forwarding (with or without notice)
• Itemised call detail records
• Individual music-on-hold and voice prompts