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Reasons to switch to an IP PBX phone system

How much is an IP PBX telephone system?

IP phone systems cost only a tenth of your old phone system but have with twice the features. Additionally, many IP phone systems don’t limit the maximum number of phones or per user.

Which cables do I need?

No phone wiring – IP phones use your LAN or Internet connection.

simple voip phone system example

Which special features does a PBX system bring?

Provide great customer service with IP PBX phone systems. IP PBX usually have more advanced features than traditional phone systems. Those include features like call queues, voicemail systems, email notifications and automatic attendants (voice menus).

Can I expand my IP phone system?

IP phone systems are scalable. Traditional phone systems only provide a certain number of (physical) telephony ports to connect phones to it. When your company grows, you’ll need to replace your phone system at some point to be able to connect more phones to it. IP phone systems don’t have this drawback, as IP phones connect to it via the network.

comparision of a voip phone with traditional phone system

Do I need a special phone brand?

Free choice of IP phones. Most IP phone systems allow you to connect the IP phones of different manufacturers to it. This way you are not forced to buy expensive proprietary phones like you are with a traditional phone system.

Can I use third party software?

IP PBX phone system use open standards and interfaces which allow you to connect all kinds of third party software (e.g. CRM systems) to your IP phone system.

Is there a limit for complex scenarios?

IP phone systems are adjustable to complex scenarios. IP PBXs with Call Flow Editor give you the freedom to even allow the most complex scenarios. Askozia offers a Call Flow Editor for AskoziaPBX.

How much are the running costs?

Save money by using VoIP providers (e.g. SIP Trunking)

Is special Hardware needed?

IP phone systems are investment secure due to standard hardware. Most VoIP phone systems use standard PC hardware, which can easily be replaced or expanded. Some phone systems also support energy saving embedded hardware.

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