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What is an IP PBX

IP Telephone Systems in Simple Terms

Some might remember the old days of internet telephony. The technology was new and fascinating and never worked the way it should. Since then, phone technology has matured and IP-telephony (IP being short for Internet protocol) has been on its impressive road to success. Many countries have waved the old ISDN standard goodbye and exchanged it for the cheaper and far more flexible VoIP (or Voice over IP). While the protocol ensures steady and cheap phone calls, it is also used for the transmission of other media, like TV and internet.

What You Should Know about VoIP PBXs

To gain all the advantages of IP-telephony, IP connectivity is required. An IP PBX is a system of various components which include a VoIP-server to run the PBX software, IP phones and a well maintained local network. Since the early years of telecommunication, the term phone has been increasingly disengaged from the traditional telephone with a receiver and a dial plate (“hard phones”) and is now being used to also describe software solutions for computers and tablets (“soft phones”). Users of a VoIP system can simply connect their IP phone with the closest LAN or wifi and the phone will automatically connect with the IP PBX.

Media gateways are often used in relation to IP PBXs as a way to connect two different network types. Thus gateways are able to connect the PBX’s IP network to the traditional phone network, which mostly consists of outdated technologies like analog and ISDN. Being able to connect IP devices with services of the already existing infrastructure, means that analog appliances can be kept in use. Even an analog fax machine does not overstretch the compatibility of IP systems. This is especially important, as it ensures a smooth transition between two technologies and protects customers from unnecessary costs.

Advantages of VoIP and Why it Works

Many strong arguments can be made for a transition to VoIP. First of all, there is a reduction of cost. Both for national and international calls, costs are usually significantly lower. Especially for companies with facilities based at larger distances from each other, VoIP telephony can help create a sense of proximity between coworkers and makes them appear as a unit to clients and callers. Being geographically independent coincides with an adjustable scale for the system in question. An IP PBX expands with the company. All of this is possible thanks to the communication protocol SIP; a standard that is used by internet providers, VoIP PBXs and IP phones all over the world. SIP is more open than many of its predecessors and allows easy extension and customization. As an alternative to expensive, proprietary and legacy PBXs, SIP facilitates easy communication between all connected IP devices. It is (almost) insignificant what kind of device it is, as long as it fulfils the SIP standard.

Why Get the AskoziaPBX for Your Company?

We at Askozia offer our customers all advantages of the modern VoIP telephony. At the center of our range of products is the AskoziaPBX, a highly customizable and easy to use IP phone system. Regardless of many of our competitors’ policies, we made a conscious decision to save our clients from restrictive licensing contracts. Instead of complicated limitations, we offer transparency, fairness and development at the highest standard.

Customers with Askozia are free to choose their providers and their IP devices. In addition, we offer them a high level of investment security, thanks to the use of standard hardware. An extensive and multi-lingual online documentation is only one way that we provide first class customer support and ensure our customers know what’s going on. We love the countless possibilities of IP telephony and are passionate about always improving our services.

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