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IP Telephony for Agencies

Dynamic and Mobile Telecommunications

In today’s globalized world, mobility is becoming increasingly important, posing exciting challenges for employees across all sectors. Advertisement agencies have an especially high demand of flexibility and adaptability. They strive to inspire, set new impulses and generate attention for up-to-date brands, products and people. Frequent international clients and customers demand of agencies to be easily reachable. Smooth internal communication ensures the success of dynamic workflows. Steady external communication, however, is an important factor for your customers’ satisfaction. IP telephony offers you high availability, flexible telecommunication and significant reduction in cost.

Be VIP with Voice Over IP

The VoIP telephony offer many possibilities that would have been inconceivable during the times of analog phone systems. Hot desking, for example, allows easy rotation of employees in a dynamic office environment, by enabling them to always take their phone number with them – regardless of the individual machine they are using. Should agents be on outside assignments, they won’t need a second phone number or someone who fills in at their desk. External phones can be registered with the IP PBX to appear as if they were internal.

Fixed Mobile Integration and parallel calling make it possible to have different devices registered under the same phone number. This way, you are always available on your mobile phone, your office or house phone, or wherever you like – without juggling different numbers and with the option to decide on the spot which phone to answer, depending on your personal convenience. Should you be unable to come to the phone, voice mails are easily send to you via e-mail. Thus, you never lose track of your calls and your clients always know the can reach you.

Advantages of VoIP for your Office

Even though there are many innovations that come with an IP telephone system, the classics of telephony should not be disregarded. Voice messages are easily administrated with VoIP, so your customers and clients are always up to date with current business hours or holidays. Prioritize through waiting loops and caller groups, to keep control over all communication in the agency.

All this is possible, without completely discarding of your old devices. Since IP telephony stands out through a high level of flexibility and compatibility, old appliances (even a fax machine) can be kept in use. Providing a smooth transition between technologies and spare you from excessive costs.

No matter where our employees are in the office, they can always be reached via the same extension.

Carsten Langbein, achtung!, IT administration

DECT Telephony that just Works

For many agencies with a large area to cover, DECT telephony is the way to go. Cordless extensions can be carried around by employees, ensuring high levels of flexibility and stability. A great advantage of DECT is its compatibility with ISDN, analog or VoIP. It allows offices to find a solution that is consistent in form, function and appearance. A DECT system which is professionally installed can save a vast amount of resources and simplifies its maintenance.

Why Choose Askozia Telephony for your Agency

At Askozia we put great emphasis on quality, fairness and transparency. While many providers force customers into restrictive licensing models, Askozia decided to keep their licenses fair, comprehensible and friendly. We not just offer a skilled and well trained support, but many other innovations for IP telephony. One example is our UC Client that was especially developed for AskoziaPBX, allowing an effortless integration of many features for softphones. High usability is achieved through a simple user interface, bringing another dimension to telecommunication.

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