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The AskoziaPBX software phone system is the core of all Askozia products. It is a complete business PBX that runs on PCs and servers, embedded systems and in the cloud. No additional operating system required.

AskoziaPBX software

Friendliest License Model Ever

Askozia doesn’t limit the number of parallel calls or number of phones you can connect to the system arbitrarily.

Friendliest license model ever

First Class Business Telephony

AskoziaPBX encloses more than 60 state of the art business PBX features.

Free Choice

Free Choice of IP Phones

AskoziaPBX supports a great variety of IP phones. This includes the phones from Snom, Gigaset, Yealink and Grandstream.

Call Control CTI

Call Control CTI is designed for everybody that has to handle high call loads. It allows you to control your phone with your computer or mobile device and makes your daily telephony so much smoother.

Call Control CTI

Computer Telephony Increases Efficiency

Call Control CTI helps to reduce response time and increase the operational efficiency of your team.

Call Control CTI 2

Control your IP Phone

Initiate, answer and transfer calls via mouse click and see at a glace who is available with a real time phone book.

Control your IP phone

Sign in from any Device

Works on Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad and Android. 100% web browser based. No additional software required.

Call Flow Editor

The Call Flow Editor is a magic tool kit that allows you to create the phone system of your dreams.

Magic tool kit

Magic Tool Kit

More than 60 different telephony modules can be combined to make even the most complex scenarios possible.

Telephony modules

Create Queues, IVRs and Recordings

Create highly sophisticated scenarios with IVR voice menus, ACD call queues, time-based routing and call recordings.

Call Flow Editor IVRs

Success in no Time

The included templates based on real-world scenarios help you to get started within minutes.

Telephony Server

Askozia telephony server
Askozia appliances 2

Seamless Integration

Our Telephony Servers are high quality appliances which can easily be integrated into the existing network infrastructure.

Seamless Integration

Energy Efficiency

Our Telephony Servers are up to 60 times more energy efficient compared to installing AskoziaPBX on standard server hardware.

Energy Efficiency

VoIP, ISDN & Analog Supported

Our complete Telephony Servers are available as VoIP only or with a variety of connectivity options to meet any requirement.

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Full E1 and T1 Support
If your are looking for the highest possible call quality in combination with a high call load, ISDN PRI (T1/E1) might be the right choice for your business. PRI is more reliable compared to VoIP because SLAs with your telephone provider mandate a quick response to fixing any issues. Whereas your DSL or VoIP provider can go down for days without you being able to do anything about it. On the other hand, costs for ISDN PRI are higher compared to pure VoIP telephony. With Askozia phone systems you don’t have to decide for one technology as all our PBXs are hybrid systems. They allow you to connect to the traditional phone network via ISDN PRI and use IP communication via Internet at the same time to reduce costs.

World Class Support

If you have any questions regarding the planning, integration, configuration or operation of AskoziaPBX, our support team has your back. We can help you via phone, email and remote desktop. Our support team speaks English and German.

World Class Support







Prioritized Response

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