Gartenfreunde Shop

Customized service leads to customer satisfaction

The collaboration with Askozia was a success from day one. We can see which of our shops the customer is calling. This way we can customize our service and work even more goal-oriented.

Since the phone system was installed in early 2012, the Gartenfreunde team has successfully handled more than 20,000 calls.

Internist Kornek

Our patients felt the difference immediately

With Askozia we replaced our old phone system in only one afternoon. We didn’t need any additional wires, as the computer network is now also used by the phones. To connect to the outside world, we are still using our ISDN lines. Our patients felt the difference immediately. They do not hear the busy signal anymore, in case all phones are busy, but are organized in a call queue to wait for a free receptionist. Besides, we are now saving money on the rent for our old phone system. This way the investment for the new IP phones pays off in a few months.”

Waldvogel Lawyer’s Office

Professional appearance is prime

When we’ve moved to a new office building in 2011 it seemed to be the perfect time to also switch to IP telephony and only have one set of wires for computers and phones.

Important for us is that our phone system doesn’t limit our growth. At the same time it has to be absolutely reliable to complete the professional appearance of our law firm. Askozia can handle all this magnificently and surprises with features like busy lamp fields which we didn’t dare to dream about with our old phone system.

I have worked with a lot of different PBX’s, and this is my favourite. Other PBX’s are over complicated, and require too much management. If I was to compare Askozia PBX to something, I would call it the TARDIS of PBX’s. Small on the outside, but bigger on the inside!
Jeff Allen, Genteklabs, USA
We are running Askozia with custom IVR, fax to email, vm to email and all the bells and whistles..everything is running amazingly!
Adrian Davis, Webcastcloud, Australia
We’ve been running Askozia for the last year, and I have to say that this software rocks! I am genuinely impressed with features, ease of use, and most important stability. Your developers, and your entire team should be commended for an outstanding product.
Jim McKenna, Redzonewireless, USA
Thanks for the fantastic support.
Christian Riegert, Medientechnik, Germany
I’m seriously impressed. I already have a basic PBX up and running with calls flowing in both directions, SIP URIs in place, a simple Call Group in play and notifications etc all running. Not bad for about 30 minutes work.
Kenny Denten, Digital Hybrid, Australia
Within two hours I had a working phone system with ISDN, ten IP phones and one fax machine. AskoziaPBX is LEGENDARY.
Marcel Stritzelberger, Computing Competence, Germany
Thanks so much for the full backup/restore option!!! It has saved me numerous times!
Rob Dalton, The Trans Group, USA
With AskoziaPBX you can master even the most complex scenarios with a smile.
Andreas Cukrowski, Tigersoft, Germany
Thanks for the amazing quick service.
Enrico Rausa, Spiffy Chef, UK
We love the ‘invisibility’ of AskoziaPBX; it just works and the features are nice too. It’s exactly like telephony should be.
Renate de Jong, De Olijfboom Elementary School, Belgium
I have been testing several different PBX application and yours is by far the most intuitive to setup.
David Samms, DRH Internet, USA
Askozia is VERY nice, we like it very much.
Gilles Capelluto, Urbisco, Belgium
Askozia gives us the power of Asterisk without the complexity. It runs on a single Alix Board which only consumes 5W! We use it for many years since version 2.0.1 and are happy that many feature requests like Virtual Fax have beed added in the meanwhile. We not only have happy users, but we also save a lot of money. A amazing solution I can fully recommend.
Darko Krizic, Germany
I want to thank you and Askozia as a company for the prompt response and the effort to resolve the issue.
NP, IT Department, Greek Embassy London, UK
Have to say the system is awesomely simple to configure!
John Peck, Cloudaire Ltd., UK
Thanks for the exceptional support!
A. Dräger, Koppel24.de, Germany

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