Terms and Conditions Askozia Voice Shop

Terms and Conditions Askozia Voice Shop

Offers, services and sales of Askozia Voice Shop, hereinafter to be referred to as VS, are made only pursuant to these conditions.

Copyright and usage rights
1. Sample prompts (such as demos, drafts, etc.) may be checked by the client only as such but must not be used commercially.
2. Orders are copyright treaties that grant exploitation rights to the client for the usage on one phone system (PBX).
3. Each purchased license respectively grants exploitation rights for music-on-hold on one phone system.
4. Designs and products are subject to copyright. Collaboration of the client does not constitute reduced remuneration or joint copyright.
5. Products offered in the VS must not be used or distributed beyond the exploitation right.
6. Exploitation rights are only granted to the client after full payment.

Warranty and delivery
1. VS creates products based on the specifications of the client. Texts submitted by the client are deemed approved.
2. Pronunciation of words or proper names that are different from the commonly used pronunciation are to be identified and pointed out by the client.
VS is not liable for errors in text or pronunciation that have been transmitted or approved by the client.
3. The customer has to check the products immediately upon receipt. Complaints must be made immediately after receipt, but at the latest within a period of 3 days.
4. VS delivers the products via email and / or download.
5. The product is usually delivered within three business days after the full payment was received.

1. VS is not responsible for the content of its productions. VS acts only on instructions given by the client and does not have the possibility of influencing the content.
Therefore, VS accepts no liability for any legal consequences of a production, arising from its content, neither in relation to the client nor in relation to third parties.
2. In any case, the liability of VS arising from violations of contractual secondary obligations, negligence of conclusion of contract or legal foundations of tort law or the law of intellectual property is excluded unless it is based on intent or gross negligence.

Privacy policy and electronic commerce
1. VS treats the data of customers and speakers confidential.
2. VS indicates that it electronically processes the data of its clients and their spokesmen.

Choice of law and jurisdiction
1. Fulfillment of mutual contractual obligations is the headquarters of VS.
2. Place of jurisdiction for any legal disputes is Braunschweig, Germany.
3. In all legal disputes, the law of the Federal Republic of Germany shall apply. Excluded from this choice of law are the mandatory consumer protection regulations of the country in which the customer has his habitual residence. The application of the UN CISG is excluded.
4. If any provision of these terms and conditions should be invalid, the validity of the remaining provisions will not be affected.