Premium Replacement

Hardware failures are unpleasant but they happen sometimes. To ensure the shortest possible downtime, choose our Premium Replacement. It works like this: If your server requires repair, we will instantly send you a replacement server for the time your server is being repaired.


20% of the netto MSRP of the hardware

How it works

If you think your server is malfunctioning and needs repair, please get in touch with our support. As soon as a hardware failure is confirmed, a temporary replacement (TR) server will be send to you. Depending on the time of the day, we send out the server on the same day or on the next working day.TR servers might not be 100% identical to your server (CPU speed, memory and number of ports might differ) but we’ll try to match them as good as possible. As soon as you have received the TR server, return the defect server immediately to us. We usually repair servers within 48-72 hours.Once you have received your repaired server, make sure you send the TR server back to us within 5 days.


If you prefer express shipping, please let us know. The costs for express will be invoiced separately, according to what we are charged by the shipping company (DHL or UPS).
When sending the TR server back to us, use the original packaging and make sure the server shows no signs of usage.