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Interconnection for Askozia

Our Bridge feature included with Askozia makes interconnection between different locations possible in just a few seconds. This does not only allow your employees at both locations to call each other for free, but also enable your organisation to route external calls with customers or business partners more efficiently through connected bridges while taking advantage of lower local call rates.

Why Interconnect Your Phone Systems?

People can communicate which each other as if they were next door. As the communication happens via a secure connection through the internet, no additional charges apply for the interconnection. Individual requirements of the individual locations can be considered. Also, sophisticated scenarios are possible.  It handles the BLF status (Busy Lamp Fields) across different locations. Make calls through the other PBX into the local telephone network of the other location, e.g. useful if in a different country.

  • Increase Productivity

  • Reduce Costs

  • Master-Slave bridges

  • Simple Configuration

  • Availability Status

  • Remote Breakout

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Availability for all Locations & Resource Balancing

See the availability status of colleagues on your desk phones or soft clients even if the other location is thousands of kilometres away. This increases the efficiency of corporate communication and reduces barriers within the organisation. See at a glance which colleague is available to forward you call to without keeping your customers waiting. Or enable your agents to register at call queues of a remote location during peak seasons instead of transferring members of staff between locations at high travelling expenses and further operational efforts.

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