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Night switch with holiday calendar

Askozia phone system now includes automated calendar

A holiday calendar has been reoccurring on the feature request list for a long time. Thanks to Praktijkcoach from Belgium who sponsored the development, it now has become an exciting new feature of upcoming 2.2.3.

phone system calender

When you have used AskoziaPBX before, the configuration shouldn’t be a big mystery for you. The way the night switch worked before has not changed. You can still use it manually with a speed dial button on your IP phone or automated with the times of the week. As the “action” you can either upload an audio file or forward calls to a certain extension (e.g. a mobile phone).

ip phone system calender options

New is that the manual and automated night switch options now include holidays, if defined in the menu below. By clicking on the plus, you can add a new holiday. Enter a name and select start and end date and hit save.

configure ip phone system calender

The number of holidays is not limited. This might be especially important to you if you live in Japan or India. For those of you who don’t live there: Those are the countries with the highest number of holidays worldwide.