Telephony Server

100% Askozia Magic inside

No matter if you are a small business or a professional call center with thousands of calls per day, our Telephony Servers, combined with AskoizaPBX software, cover all fields of application – at an exceptional price.

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Engineered in Germany

Our telephony servers are engineered and built by the telephony experts at Askozia in Germany. Each part is selected with great care and, if possible, sourced from German manufacturers. Every single system is made with state-of-the-art engineering and real passion.

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High Performance

Our Telephony Server use the latest Intel Dual and Quad core processors, SSD hard disks and active telephony interface cards. Combined with our AskoziaPBX software, this results in the highest quality business telephony systems available today.

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Flexible Hybrid Telephony

All our Telephony Servers are also available as hybrid systems. That means that in addition to VoIP they can connect to traditional telephone networks via ISDN or analog. Two expansion slots provide comprehensive flexibility for all possible telephony scenarios.

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Telephony Power for Small and Medium Businesses

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485mm x 260mm x 44mm, 1 HU, aluminium


up to two telephony interface expansion slots

Internal power supply


2GHz Intel Celeron Quadcore CPU

more CPU options available


up to 8GB available

Dual SSD (16GB + 32GB)

up to 500GB available


AskoziaPBX software

No user or parallel call limitation


2 years



unlimited VoIP channels


ISDN BRI, up to 8 ports, 16 voice channels

ISDN PRI E1/T1, up to 4 ports,
120 voice channels


Analog, up to 16 ports, 16 voice channels

Echo Cancellation

Hardware Echo Cancellation included