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How to write an Asterisk DND function

Work around missing DND button on Gigaset SL910 handset

A couple of days ago one of our resellers had the problem that a customer was insisting on using a Gigaset N510IP Pro base station + Gigaset SL910 handset within Askozia. Crucial point of this installation was a working DND (do not disturb) function, which the Gigaset handset simply doesn’t have a physical button for.

We decided to navigate around this issue with a small Asterisk application. Asterisk dial plan applications have their own extensions or in other words, you dial the application’s number and execute the code of the application. To create an application for Askozia (or any other Asterisk distribution) click on Dialplan/Applications/new application and continue with the code below:

asterisk dnd application

Afterwards, you need to enter the following in your provider’s advanced settings (in Accounts/Providers/YourProvider/Manual Dialplan Incoming):

provider settings askozia

Don’t forget to hit save in the end.

For copy and paste, download the source code from here.