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How to use different providers without a prefix

Phone picks provider without dial code

This week a couple of people asked how to use “phone A with provider 1”, “phone B with provider 2”, “phone C with provider 3” and so on. Crucial point is that they didn’t want to use a prefix like “1+ phone number to use provider 1”, “2+ phone number to use provider 2” etc. .

After doing some research, I found that there’s no nice way doing this. However, there’s a way.

Let’s assume that we have three phones and three providers. Phone A should use the analog provider, phone B should use the ISDN provider and phone C should use the VoIP provider. In the setting of each phone is an option called “Block Providers”. You simply only allow that one provider the phone is supposed to use.

Now there’s only one problem left to solve. By default, AskoziaPBX checks if you are using different outgoing patterns for each provider.

Normally this is very practical, but in this case we want to use the same outgoing patterns for all providers. We need to use the pattern “X!”(all outgoing calls via this provider) for all three. Since Askozia is checking if the same pattern is used twice, we need to work around this. This can be done by creating different regular expressions which have the same result as “X!” like shown below.

Please remember that this is a hack. It comes without any warranty and might lead to funny behavior of your phone system.

Have a good weekend.