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How to configure BLF in AskoziaPBX

Busy lamp fields and Snom phones

BLF or Busy Lamp Field, sometimes also called Direct Station Selection allow you to monitor other phones connected to your PBX. Or in other words, you see who is talking at the moment, indicated by LED light buttons on your phone.

In AskoziaPBX this works for all phones which Askozia supports auto-configuration for and which of course, have LED light buttons.The only thing you need to do to have BLF is to put these people on speed dial.

However, there’s also another thing you can do with BLFs. While it is ringing you can also do a pickup, presuming you are in the same pickup group.

Snom phones require a small extra thing to have pickups working. In addition to extension you enter “|*8” in the number field of the speed dial configuration.

Don’t forget to hit save in the end.