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HD Voice with AskoziaPBX

Wideband Audio with the G.722 codec

Most new VoIP phones com with HD voice, the common term for wideband audio technology. HD voice brings you higher voice quality using 16khz, compared to normal PSTN with 8khz capture. This is a difference you can really feel.

Highly responsible for the voice quality (among other factors) is the used codec. A codec is the common language two devices negotiate, before talking to each other. Different codecs have different bandwidth requirements but also require different amounts of CPU power. Commonly used for HD voice is the free G.722 codec which provides great audio quality but also puts some extra load on the phone system’s CPU.

Using G.722 with Askozia is pretty straight forward. Simply add G.722 to the top of your codec list.

If you are using Askozia’s voice mail system, you also need to do some small changes to your voicemail.conf.

Enjoy HD voice.