Call Control CTI

Computer Telephony for Your Business

Works on Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad and Android. 100% web browser based. No additional software required.

Call Control CTI Demo

Computer Telephony Increases Your Efficiency

When Telephony is Crucial for Your Operation

Askozia Call Control is a CTI (Computer Telephony Integration), designed for all companies that handle high call loads. It helps to reduce response time and increase the operational efficiency of your team. Agents can complete more calls which means a reduction of hold time for customers. This way, customer experience is enhanced which contributes to the overall success of your business. Additionally, the intuitive Call Control reduces agent training time.

Control Your IP Phone

Initiate, Answer and Transfer Calls via Mouse Click

No matter what IP phone you are using, Call Control allows you to control it with your computer or mobile device. When combined with a headset, you don’t even have to touch your phone anymore. Initiate, answer, transfer and mute calls with one click.

Busy Lamp Fields Included

Company and Personal Phone Book

Call Control offers two separate phone books. The centralized company phone book is available to every CTI user and is automatically updated when changed within Askozia. For all internal numbers listed in the company phone book, the available or busy status is indicated next to the name (BLF). The second phone book is the personal phone book which can be edited and personalized freely by every CTI user.

Stay on Top of Things with CTI

Call Notifications on Your Screen

Whenever a call comes in, a notification pops up within Call Control, indicating who’s calling. You can either answer the call directly or transfer it. Upon returning after you’ve stepped away from your desk, Call Control shows you all missed calls and the exact time that has passed since.

Sign in from any Device

No Additional Software Required

The Call Control CTI is 100% web browser based and doesn’t require you to install any additional software. To get started, you only need an AskoziaPBX installation and one Call Control license. One license allows unlimited users. Open a web browser on your PC, Mac or mobile device. Call Control will ask you to enter a four digit number on your IP phone to sign in.

Lights Off, Spot On

CTI Features

Free choice of IP phones

Many IP Phones Supported

Call Control works with all IP phones officially supported by AskoziaPBX and many more.

Answer and Initiate Calls

with your mouse

CTI allows you to initiate, answer, transfer and mute calls via mouse click.


from your clipboard

Simply copy a phone number from any application via the clipboard and hit enter.

Available or busy?

Phone Book BLF

Available/busy status for all internal IP phones in your phone books.

Missed calls

Call Notifications

The CTI shows you all missed calls at a glance and the exact time that has passed since.

Let your Colleague Know

Easy emails

With one click, Call Control automatically generates an email with all call information for you.

Company Phone Book

Centralized Phone Book

This phone book is administered centrally and is available to all CTI users.

Personal Phone Book

your favorites

Add your personal contacts to your favorites and call them with one click.

Search Phone Book

Company and Personal

Search both phone books by name, no matter if first, last or even a partial match.