IP Telephony that just works

Askozia offers the worlds most lightweight and affordable PBX software platform. Learn how it works and get started with a free trial today!

Why Askozia?

Easy configuration

Easy Configuration

Askozia can be set up and configured by anybody with basic computer and VoIP knowledge.

One license fee

One License Only

Only one PBX license required to start talking. We do not charge you on a per phone or per user base.

One license fee

Unlimited Users

Most phone system manufacturers limit the possible number of parallel calls to sell more licenses. We don’t limit our products arbitrary.

Free choice

Free Choice of Phones

Askozia phone systems support the vast majority of IP phone handsets sold worldwide.



Just add more phones and new trunks without costs. Don’t let your growth be limited by your phone system.



Askozia provides a variety of open standard interfaces which allow easy integration with other business applications.


First Class Business Telephony

AskoziaPBX encloses more than 60 state of the art business PBX features.

Configure Your Perfect System

Success in no time. Popular IP phones and providers can be auto-configured by Askozia. There are already hundreds of configuration templates available.

AskoziaPBX phone accounts

Powerful Software Add-ons to add Exactly the Features You Need

Askozia phone systems can be expanded with powerful software addons. Those allow you to perfectly customize Askozia for your business.

Software or Complete Solution

In addition to Askozia Software we offer our Telephony Servers. Those are high quality hybrid phone systems that can easily be integrated in your IT.

AskoziaPBX phone accounts

All Features at a Glance



All prices you find on our web pages exclude value added tax (VAT) as there are different tax rates applicable for every country. VAT is added during the check out process, if applicable.

Unlimited extensions

Unlimited Extensions

Connect as many IP phones to Askozia as you want. However, we have designed Askozia to be used in small and medium sized companies and this is where we guarantee smooth operation.

Number of parallel calls

Number of Parallel Calls

Askozia does not limit the number of parallel calls and users arbitrarily or with a license. Please keep in mind though that Askozia was developed for SMEs.

VoIP Ready

VoIP Ready

AskoziaPBX can speak SIP with software + hardware IP phones, VoIP/SIP trunking providers and gateways. Popular phones and providers can be auto-configured.

Supports analog, ISDN and VoIP


Connect analog faxes, DECT phones or your ISDN and analog lines to AskoziaPBX. To connect them, only the physical interfaces are required. Talk to us for more information.

Many languages

Many Languages

Currently these are English, German, Spanish, French and many more. We try to keep these translations as up to date as possible, but we can’t guarantee that all languages are complete in all releases.

Multiple Provider Support

Multiple Provider Support

Askozia is a hybrid PBX that lets you combine traditional ISDN and analog lines with VoIP. This way you can save money on expensive international calls or if all lines are busy.

SIP Trunk Support

SIP Trunk Support

Multiple incoming VoIP numbers are organized into trunks. Typically, those come in packages of 5, 10 or 1000 numbers. The number of voice channels varies between providers.

VoIP phone support

IP Phone Support

Askozia basically works with any SIP compatible IP phone. However, we provide auto-configuration for the IP phones of Snom, Yealink, Grandstream and Gigaset.

Automatic phone detection

Auto Phone Detection

Automatically detect all multicast capable VoIP phones in your local network. This makes installations with many phones a walk in the park.

Analog phone support

Analog Device Support

You can use any analog phones and devices with Askozia. If you like to use analog phones, please make sure that the hardware has the appropriate number of ports to connect to.

Video phone support

Video Phone Support

AskoziaPBX supports video calls between video capable phones. Since the PBX does a pass through of the video stream, it is crucial that the phones can agree on a common codec.

Phone book

Phone Book

A system wide phone book every user has access to. All phones using auto-configuration automatically receive this phone book. Supported are LDAP and XML phone books.

Remote phones

Mobile Phone Integration

Those can be mobile phones or any external phones. These phones receive an internal phone number(extension) and can hereafter be reached like any internal phone.

Speed dial buttons

Speed Dial & BLF Buttons

Configure speed dial buttons and busy lamp fields for every phone from Askozia’s web interface. This works out of the box for all phones using auto-configuration.

Call recording

Call Recording

Record phone calls by pressing a button on your phone or record all phone calls automatically. Make sure you do this in accordance with your country’s laws and the permission of the caller.

Analog fax support

Analog Fax Support

Connect analog fax machines to your AskoziaPBX. The only thing you need is an analog phone port (FXS) to physically connect the fax to. For alternatives check virtual fax.

Virtual fax

Virtual Fax

Receive and send faxes without a fax machine. Every fax received is converted to a PDF and sent to the specified email address. To send a fax, simply send an email to your virtual fax.

Fax archiving

Fax Archiving

Every incoming virtual fax is automatically stored in the fax archive. Users can be granted access to the archive and its content can be downloaded as PDFs or ZIP archives.

Provider templates

Provider Templates

Askozia includes more than 100 configuration templates for VoIP/SIP trunking providers world wide. Just select yours from the list, add your account information and it just works.

Multiple platform support

Multiple Platform Support

AskoziaPBX software supports normal PC and server hardware, virtual machines (e.g. Virtual Box, VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V) and we offer complete solutions based on our Telephony Servers.

Night switch

Night Switch

Would you like customers to hear a message or get forwarded to a mobile phone when calling outside of business hours? This can be configured to work automatically or manually by press of a button.

Holiday switch

Holiday Switch

Would you like customers to hear a message or get forwarded to a mobile phone when calling on holidays? The integrated calender allows users to define holidays and custom messages in advance.

Call notifications to email

Call Notifications to Email

Missed calls used to be display on one phone only. With everybody having multiple devices, simply receive an email whenever you’ve missed a call.

Voicemail system

Voicemail System

Get notified on your phone whenever you have voice mail. If your phone supports MWI, it will be triggered.

Voicemail to email

Voicemail to Email

Voicemail used to be only available on one phone only. With everybody having multiple devices, simply receive an email with your voicemail wherever you are.

Call groups

Call Groups

Organize phones in call groups to have them ring at the same time. Mobile phones and external phones can be included as well.

Hunt groups

Hunt Groups

Organize phones in hunt groups to have them ring one after another. Specify the ring time for each phone individually. Mobile phones and external phones can be included as well.

Casdade groups

Casdade Groups

Organize phones in cascade groups to add more phones to the group the longer the caller waits. Mobile phones and external phones can be included as well.

Pickup groups

Pickup Groups

Pickup groups serve the purpose of logically combining phones into groups. This enables people working in the same office to pickup the calls of their colleagues on their own phones.

Blind and attended transfers

Blind & Attended Transfer

Transfer calls from one phone to another (with or without prior notice).

Distinctive Ring Tones

Distinctive Ring Tones

For all IP phones that AskoziaPBX supports auto-configuration for, you can upload your own ringtones, one for internal and one for inbound calls.

Hot desking

Hot Desking

This feature is particularly important for modern work environments where users don’t have a fixed desk. Hot Desking allows users to easily switch user accounts to different phones.

Call parking

Call Parking

Park calls in parking slots and fetch them back up once you are ready. This is completely independent from the phone you are using.

Call forwarding

Call Forwarding

Forward calls to any internal or external phone. A light indicates that the forwarding is active, if supported by your phone.

Call waiting

Call Waiting

There is an indication tone when receiving a second call during a call. IP phones usually provide a button for multiple lines. Decide how many concurrent calls you’d like to receive before they go to voicemail.

Custom music on hold

Custom Music on Hold

Upload your own music on hold in .mp3 or .wav. This track is then used across the PBX. If you need more than one waiting music, check out the Call Flow Editor.


Black & Graylisting

Block certain telephone numbers from calling in or send them straight to voicemail.

Phone specific voicemail greetings

Voicemail Greetings

Personalize the voicemail greeting of your mailbox by recording your own greeting with your phone or upload a wav. or mp3 file.

Caller ID customization

Caller ID Customization

Adjust the outgoing presentation of your phone number (if supported/allowed by your provider). Incoming numbers can be modified as well.

Call detail records to PDF and CSV

Call Detail Records

Select the phone or call group and the period you like to have the call detail records for and download it as a PDF or CSV for further editing with Numbers or Excel.

Multilingual voice prompts

Multilingual Prompts

Hear all system announcements in your language. Askozia brings English (US+UK), Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

Backup and restore in one file

Backup and Restore

The entire configuration of Askozia is stored in one XML file. Make backups, restore them, move it to a different hardware platform or do mass roll-outs in seconds.

External storage support

Storage Drive Support

Askozia stores voicemail, faxes, recordings, logs and additional voice prompts on an second storage drive. This guarantees maximum security for your data.

Mass provisioning

Mass Provisioning

Easily deploy multiple systems with the same configuration file. In virtual environments, instances can also simply be cloned.

Integrator Panel

Integrator Panel

The integrator panel provides additional configuration possibilities which are not available in the web interface. This way you communicate directly with Asterisk and Linux.

LDAP Server

LDAP Server

Askozia has an LDAP server for your phone book already integrated. If you already have an LDAP server in your network, you can also integrate it with Askozia.

FTP Server

FTP Server

Put files on Askozia’s external storage and provide them via TFTP to other peers in the network. This is very useful to update the firmware of certain VoIP phones.



On hundreds of pages, including numerous videos, all the functionality of Askozia has been detailed. It is available in English and in German. wiki.askozia.com



Continuous updates can be automatically received with our maintenance subscriptions. That includes all major and minor updates.

Interconnect systems

Interconnect Systems

For companies with multiple locations connecting their phone systems (PBXs) is a game changer. This can also be done with Askozia. Talk to our support for the details.

Conference Rooms


Create as many conference rooms as you want. Secure them with a PIN if desired.

Group Edit

Group Edit

Configure multiple phone accounts at the same time. This is particularly handy for larger installations.