The New Askozia 5

Askozia 5 is the result of one year of intense development. We have added many new features that will drastically reduce integration time and propel user productivity to a new level.

Askozia 5.0
Askozia 5.0

Client User Interface

The client user login allows the individual user of the PBX to make small changes themselves. Of course, the admin of the system can decide to what features the user has access to. Examples for client user features are speed dial configuration (BLF), voice mail settings, access to fax archive and call detail records and much more.

Provisioning for DECT

For Version 5 we have included auto-provisioning for the DECT solutions of Gigaset, snom and Yealink. Add a single or multi cell base and assign handsets. Even big deployments can be rolled out in minutes. Supported are Gigaset N510 and 720 bases + pro series handsets, snom M700 + Mx5 series handsets and Yealink W52P.

Askozia DECT Provisioning
Askozia 5.0 LDAP Feature

Integrated LDAP Server

LDAP is a vendor neutral industry standard for distributed directory information services. Askozia 5 has an integrated LDAP server, to provide a centralised phone book. This eliminates the limitations of XML phone books. In version 5 you can choose between three different ways to provide a phone book: internal LDAP server of Askozia, integration of an existing external LDAP server and simple XML phone book.


The stateboard gives a unique live overview of the telephony situation at any given time. It shows the availability status of each phone, group and queue and can be adjusted to your exact needs. The stateboard shows status of individual phones, groups and queues, the call duration and caller ID or name and allows drag-and-drop configuration.

Askozia Stateboard
USB Recovery Drive

USB Recovery Drive

With every download we now include a live USB image. It allows you to easily create a USB drive that can be used for recovery, demos or new installations.

Automated Backups

Version 5 automatically creates a configuration backup every night. That allows you to go back to any given point of the configuration, up to 50 days in the past. Of course, the autosaved configuration files can also be downloaded for archiving purposes.

Askozia Automated Backups
Askozia 5.0 LDAP Feature

Notification Center

Having all information in one place brings you faster to the solution. Features of the new Notification Center are restart control, interface card management and an overview about all important system messages.

Rental Licenses for Hosted Solutions

In addition to our life time licenses, all software products are now also available as rental licenses. This makes AskoziaPBX more suitable for Hosted environments as most providers use a per month based model. Maintenance is included with all rental licenses and all subscriptions can be cancelled on monthly basis.

Askozia Rental Licenses for Hosted Solutions

Watch the Keynote

In this video we introduce all new mayor PBX features such as DECT provisioning for workplace mobility, the new integrated LDAP server, the new interface for users with restricted access, the Stateboard for live telephony statistics, improved USB recovery mode, automated backups and notifications and more.

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