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Upgrade your Phone System Askozia to 3CX V16

Upgrade from Askozia to 3CX V16 today!

3CX V16 is the result of intense development and more than the sum of all its parts. With solid foundations, updated under the hood components and automation logic, we have added a significant number of new features and improvements that will keep the PBX running with stability and top-notch performance. The 3CX apps create a unique unified communication environment, allowing you to easily manage phone calls on your desk phone, desktop or smartphone.

Simple Administration & Automated Backups

3CX offers easy administration, automated backup and restore as well as an easy to manage interface for system administrators to monitor IP phones, extensions as well as user access and rights. The admin of the system can decide what features are available to the user, for example, speed dial configuration (BLF), voicemail settings, access to fax archive and call detail records.

  • Dashboard for easy monitoring

  • Automated backups to Google Drive

  • Configure an IVR / Auto Attendant

  • Failover out of the box

simple backups
Secure by design

Secure by Design

Your AskoziaPBX is secured by automatically generated SSL certificates and an encryption of your VoIP traffic. Additional tools to detect SIP attacks as well as automated Blacklisting ensure that all communication over your phone system is safe at any time. Auto-provisioning via HTTPS for supported IP Phones.  Even big deployments can be rolled out in minutes.

  • IP blacklist Export & Import feature

  • Restrict access to Management Console to a specified list of IPs

  • Warning notifications for weak extension security level

  • Automatic generation and management of SSL certs

Pick Your Deployment: Appliance or Hosted Solution

You have the freedom of choice where to install your phone system. AskoziaPBX is suitable for virtualized/hosted environments and on-appliance installations. Choose between your own server, a low-cost appliance or a hosting provider such as Google, Amazon Lightsail, Azure or OVH. Your business is growing or business requirements are changing? Then move your PBX at any time to another platform without any hassle to meet your communication needs.

  • Google Cloud, Amazon Lightsail, Microsoft Azure, OVH and more

  • On-Premise or In the Cloud

  • Linux or Windows

  • Virtualized or on a MiniPC appliance

cloud providers deployment options

Management Console

The management console gives a unique live overview of the telephony situation at any given time. It shows the availability status of each phone, group and queue and can be adjusted to your exact needs. The stateboard shows the status of individual phones, groups and queues, the call duration and caller ID or name and allows drag-and-drop configuration.

  • Dashboard for easy monitoring

  • Upgrade IP Phone firmware from the management console

  • Bridge with other PBX’s at different locations

  • Easy configuration of VoIP Providers / SIP Trunks

Mobile Clients for Full UC Functionality from Anywhere

Take your Office with you wherever you go. Provision and update smartphone clients centrally and provide remote working employees with full access to your PBX´s Unified Communication features. A user-friendly interface and Push functionality for Android and iOS devices ensure all-time availability even when using multiple devices per extension.

  • Chat interface with emojis, notifications and sharing docs and images

  • Support to OPUS Codec

  • Modern UI and PUSH notifications

VoIP Apps
business application integration

Business Application Integration

AskoziaPBX enables the integration of the most common business applications including MS Exchange, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft Outlook, Office 365 and Zendesk. Improve your customer service and support through direct access to contact details and customers´ history.

Your CRM is not on the list? Create your own custom integrations with our API.

  • Enhanced Office 365 integration

  • ClicktoCall Extension for Chrome and Firefox

  • Extended IVR module with scriptable and DTMF-code-based actions

Free for up to 1 year! Select preferred deployment:


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