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Integrate Askozia with your CRM

Integrate Your CRM with Askozia

The Web Integration Tool empowers you to integrate your CRM system with your Askozia phone system, so inbound calls can be linked to customer data and automatically open in your web browser. This way you already have the client information or ticket on your screen before you answer the call. The Web Integration Tool that provides the integration for other 3rd party software is a software add-on for AskoziaPBX.

Connection Your Business Applications

Connect your Askozia with Salesforce, vTiger, Google Contacts and many more web-based applications. For major applications we provide configuration templates. Nevertheless, almost any web based business application can be integrated this way.


VTigerGoogle Contacts

Google Chrome         Mozilla Firefox

Native Plugins for Chrome & Firefox

The interconnection between AskoziaPBX and your business application is done via a browser plugin. We provide native browser plugins for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox which can be downloaded in their shops. Chrome Web Store and Mozilla Add-ons

Full Call Flow Editor Integration

As part of the Web Integration Tool a new Call Flow Editor module is available. This allows even more powerful integrations beyond plain software integration. The browser plugins can be used to send custom information to the PBX user. Those could be for example:

  • Somebody has just entered a certain part of a call flow

  • Status of callers in the queue

  • Callback requests from within a call flow

Call Flow Designer

Free for up to 1 year! Select preferred deployment:


for Linux on a $200 appliance or as a VM

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for Windows as a VM

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On the cloud

In your Google, Amazon, Azure account

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