Webinars and Trainings

Our live webinar series comes straight from us and we will teach you everything you always wanted to know about VoIP.
Learn what’s going on inside the PBX, how to master the integration with other VoIP products and how to become a rock star integrator.
On many occasions we will team up with guests from other VoIP companies to take an even deeper dive.

Typically, training takes place on Thursdays and Fridays. All dates are made for CET/CEST. Please note that the seats per session are limited and make sure to sign up as soon as possible. Can’t attend a webinar? Register anyway and we’ll send you the recording.

New webinars will be announced in 2017.

Partner Certification

Askozia offers fee-based certification trainings for its resellers. Upcoming dates will be announced below. After successfully attending the basic certification training, resellers can further increase their level by attending additional specification trainings. Details about the partner certification can be found in our reseller portal.

Language Topic Date Duration Registration
English Basic certification  23rd + 24th of January 2017, 12pm CEST 2x 5h register

Sprache Thema Datum Dauer Anmeldung
German Schulung “VoIP-Sicherheit” in Hannover  20. März 2017, 9:00 8 Std. registrieren
German Schulung “DECT-Ausmessung” in Hannover  21. März 2017, 9:00 8 Std. registrieren
German Schulung “Hochverfügbarkeit” in Hannover  22. März 2017, 9:00 8 Std. registrieren

Markus Ehlers
About the host
Markus has a huge passion for RC models and any type of electronic gadget. He also is a trained telecommunications technician and has worked 10+ years for Siemens. He joined Askozia in early 2013 and is now our leading support engineer, bringing in his enthusiasm and know-how.