What is Virtual Fax?

Integrate Your Old Devices into Your New Phone System

Virtual fax, also known as Fax-over-IP or FoIP, automatically converts incoming faxes into PDF files and sends them to your e-mail account. It is also possible to send an e-mail directly to your virtual fax machine. Virtual faxes allow the smooth transition between technologies, as old numbers can be kept, while eliminating unnecessary overhead.

How Does Virtual Fax Work?

Virtual fax utilizes T38 and requires a T38 capable VoIP gateway, as well as a T38 capable fax machine, fax card or fax software. Fax server software that supports T38, makes unified communication available with a variety of features such as fax-to-email. Fax-to-email sends the fax directly through a VoIP gateway and converts it into an email, and vice versa. The fax-to-email feature does not require any additional fax hardware, but just your email address.

Unified Communication and T38

Unified communication (UC), or real-time communication (RTC), is a term to describe the combination of different communication services into a unified environment. Services such as instant messaging, presence information, telephony, virtual fax and many more can be controlled through one single tool. Unified communication allows you to send a message on one medium and receive it on another.
As fax data cannot be sent through an IT network in the same way as voice communications, the T38 protocol converts a fax to an image and sends it to another T38 fax device. There it is converted back into an analog fax signal. T38 is supported by most VoIP Gateways and analog telephone adapters (ATAs).

Askozia UC Client and Virtual Fax

The Askozia UC Client offers user-friendly unified communication platform that is cost effective, works on PC and Mac and provides many handy features. Since it is a native Askozia Application, it allows auto-provisioning, offers an integrated phone book and presence status for all members. The smooth integration of virtual fax is a given in our UC Client.

“We are running Askozia with custom IVR, fax-to-email, voicemail to email and all the bells and whistles. Everything is running amazingly!“

Adrian Davis, Webcastcloud, Australia

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