What is a Gateway?

A gateway is an electronic device which can connect different types of networks, in this case telephony networks. It allows to connect and combine old and new ways of communication, like analog, ISDN and VoIP, without making complex changes to the existing telephony and network infrastructure. Besides it is possible to allow a soft migration from older systems to new VoIP technologies, on top of the existing infrastructure.

With VoIP gateways modern IP components (e.g. IP PBXs, IP phones, Softphone clients) can be connected with the „old telephony world“. This way, it’s possible, with just one additional device, to continuously using the existing phone lines and/or keep them as a failover, in case of internet connection problems. On the other hand, it also allows to use older hardware in modern data networks. Analog fax machines, analog alarm systems and analog or ISDN telephones are in many places still in use, and can be easily included in a new VoIP infrastructure thanks to gateways.

Even the adoption of virtual PBXs is possible. I.e. a software PBX can be installed on an existing server and be connected to the existing analog phones and fax via a gateway. Alternatively, gateways can be used to provide additional hardware ports on an existing PBX.

Scheme of a network including a gateway and different telephony techniques

How does a gateway work?

First it is important to note, that there are different gateways for different types of networks and sizes. Analog, ISDN or even GSM components can be linked to a VoIP network via a gateway. For this it is necessary that the gateway translates the analog (or ISDN, or GSM) signals into data packages for the SIP and RTP protocols and vice vera.

To allow this, both networks must be linked physically. Both interfaces are provided by the gateway which offers both types of the required physical ports. Futhermore the gateway provides the routing rules. Those are configured via a web interface of the gateway.

How does a gateway work

AskoziaPBX supports a large number of VoIP gateways of numerous manufactures like beroNet or Patton. Askozia’s own hardware solutions even offer the possibility to use gateway functionality directly inside the telephony server without external hardware. Learn more at AskoziaPBX’s Telephony Servers

All beroNet Gateways and Gateway Cards are automatically recognized and auto-configured by AskoziaPBX. Any additional configuration via the web interface of the gateway or any gateway knowledge is not required. For more information, check out the video above.

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