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Desktop Telephony Server
Desktop Telephony Server

Configure your 19" Telephony Server

19'' Telephony Server

recommended for up to 100+ users

Our telephony servers are engineered and built by the telephony experts at Askozia. Combined with our AskoziaPBX software, this results in the highest quality business telephony systems available today.
Telephony Ports:
Our Telephony Servers use active telephony gateway cards*. They are transcoding ISDN and analog signals and provide active echo cancellation. This results in better call quality and less CPU usage. Select the telephony ports you need for your installation.
* except for the 2x ISDN BRI passive
Our Telephony Servers use the latest Intel Processors. Choose the CPU that meets your performance requirements. For higher performance, e.g. in Call Centres, we recommend the Quad Core version.
  2.0 GHz Intel Celeron Quad Core 
More Memory allows your Telephony Server to perform more operations at the same time. Larger installations benefit from more memory.
  2 GB DDR3 
  4 GB DDR3 
  8 GB DDR3 
All our Telephony Servers come with durable Solid State Drives (SSDs). Select more storage if your environment has a higher demand.
  32 GB SSD 
  120 GB SSD 
  500 GB SSD 
Premium Replacement:
Hardware failures are unpleasant but they happen sometimes. To ensure the shortest possible downtime, choose our Premium Replacement. It works like this: If your server requires repair, we will instantly send you a replacement server for the time your server is being repaired.
  Premium Replacement  more information


The AskoziaPBX software phone system is the core of all our products. It is a complete PBX that encloses more than 60 state of the art business PBX features. AskoziaPBX software is preinstalled and ready-to-use on all our Telephony Servers.
AskoziaPBX [free]

Call Flow Editor:
The Call Flow Editor is a magic tool kit that allows you to create the phone system of your dreams. Create highly sophisticated scenarios with IVR voice menus, ACD call queues, time-based routing and call recordings.
Call Flow Editor [€199]

UC Client:
The UC Client allows you to easily manage your calls from your computer. No matter if you are in the office or on the road using your laptop.
UC Client 1 User [€49]
UC Client 3 Users [€99]
UC Client 10 Users [€249]
UC Client Unlimited Users [€999]

Call Control CTI:
Call Control CTI is designed for everybody that has to handles high call loads. It allows you to control your phone with your computer or mobile device and makes your daily telephony so much smoother.
Call Control CTI [€99.00 unlimited users]

Support and Maintenance

If you have any questions regarding the installation, configuration or operation of AskoziaPBX, our support team has your back. We can help you via phone, email and remote desktop. Our support team speaks English and German.
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 Support S 1 hours included, one year subscription more information
 Support M 4 hours included, one year subscription more information
 Support L 8 hours included, one year subscription more information
 Support D 1 hour included, no subscription more information

Keep your AskoziaPBX up-to-date with our maintenance option. Receive all updates for AskoziaPBX and additional software modules.
 Maintenance [+€49] one year subscriptionmore information Recommended

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