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Phone System News

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July 2013

CTI in beta state, 1.6 GHz phone systems available, new video tutorials

Our popular 19″ Business Appliance is now available with a 1.6 GHz processor via our web shop. It provides reserves for power users with very high call loads, e.g. call centres. Learn more.

askozia phone system with 1.6 GHZ CPU

We’ve also invested a lot of time to enhance our documentation. You now find countless video tutorials online, covering everything from phone provisioning to virtual machine installations.

Askozia video tuturial virtual machine installationAskozia tuturial IP phone provisioningaskozia turorial BLF busy lamp fields

With the upcoming AskoziaPBX 2.2.5 release we will also include the support for Allo and OpenVox T1/E1 interface cards. As the call flow editor, this is an additional software module for AskoziaPBX. 2.2.5 is going to be released in August 2013.

Last but not least, our CTI has reached beta state. More about this shortly.

Enjoy your summer!
the Askozia team.

May 2013

AskoziaPBX 2.2.3 released

We are happy to announce that we’ve released AskoziaPBX 2.2.3. It includes many new features and countless minor enhancements.

Below you find more information about Gigaset provisioning support, the improved wallboard and our new holiday calendar. Also new is the ability to block your caller ID for the next call by dialing a starcode. Aditionally, we’ve included the possibility to customise Askozia’s notification emails, e.g. for voicemail or virtual faxes. Brand new too, is the call forwarding application which can be put on a speed dial button. Another feature, required by many companies and government organisations, is to hide the last three digits of caller IDs in the call detail records. On top of this, we’ve included a nightly file system check for the storage which will solve the past problems with flash drives.

For those of you who are waiting for the CTI, please accept our apologies for the delay. After this release all hands will be back on finishing it. We are a little gun-shy, when it comes to public release dates but we are doing everything in our power to come out with it as soon as possible.

Talk to you soon,
the Askozia team

Gigaset provisioning

Askozia now supports auto-configuration for Gigaset’s new IP phone family. As usual, the auto-configuration covers the configuration of speed dials including BLF, the centralized phone book and all function keys. Read more.

Enhanced Wallboard Call queue monitor

The wallboard is a status web page provided for every call queues within Askozia. In 2.2.3 we’ve enhanced the wallboard with a little toolbar at the bottom of the page, which allows you to customize the wallboard to your specific needs. Watch video.

Holiday calender

As an extension of the night switch, we are intruducing a holiday calender with 2.2.3. Simply create a holiday, enter a name and select start and end date. The night switch will then be active without any further conifiguration. Learn more.

January 2013

Askozia CTI, Allo, beroNet and

2013 is starting out with a lot of good news. We are about to finish the new CTI module for AskoziaPBX. This additional module will marry your phone to your computer – and unlike most marriages, this one is going to be without compromise.

Additionally, we’ve started our certified hardware program to reward innovative products and make it obvious at first sight to see what hardware is supported by AskoziaPBX. This year’s first new hardware partners are Allo and beroNet. Read more about those below.

Finally, we are happy to announce that we’ve formed a partnership with Miko LLC from Moscow, Russia. Miko provides expertise in all fields of IT, communications and
business software since 2006. Together we’ve developed a version of AskoziaPBX
which was especially designed to meet the needs of the Russian market. They operate and offer Russian documentation and support.

Talk to you soon,
the Askozia team.

Askozia CTI coming soon

The Askozia CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) will change the way most of us use their phones. It is completely integrated into AskoziaPBX and doesn’t require the installation of additional software on your computer. You simply sign in with your web browser. It supports Windows, OS X and Linux as well as iOS and Android.
on Twitter to stay up-to-date.

beronet telephony appliance

beroNet is emerging as the leading designer and manufacturer for VoIP access technologies. The beroNet Telephony Appliance is the ideal platform for technology integrators, looking for a reliable hardware solution, with integrated ISDN, Analog and GSM connectivity. Combined with AskoziaPBX you receive a leading business phone system.

Allo interface cards

Allo is a manufacturer of affordable VoIP products based on open standards. We’ve started by certifying their two and four port ISDN BRI cards. Those are already supported by AskoziaPBX 2.2.2. Support for Allo’s E1/T1 cards will follow shortly.

December 2012

Happy Holidays

It’s been a very exciting year at Askozia. The biggest event was probably the release of the call flow editor. The feedback we’ve received for this product was mind-blowing. We knew we had something special here, but this reaction even surprised us. Thank you again for having taken the time and letting us know.

Of course, this was not the only thing we’ve been been working on. In addition to our new website, we’ve recently replaced our handbook with our new wiki. This also includes many new video tutorials and more to come. You can find it at in English and German.

There’s more in the pipeline for 2013: the Askozia CTI.
A fully integrated CTI client which will allow you to do click-to-dial, transfers, see the statuses of other phones and manage your phone book. All of this directly on your computer and on all operating systems.

Happy holidays!
The Askozia team.

Build your dream phone system

Recently, we’ve introduced our new phone system configurator which guides you through the configuration of your dream phone system.

Askozia phone systems are built with high quality components and low power consumption in mind. The result lies between amazing 5 to 11 watts, depending on the CPU used. This is less power than most IP phones need.

Askozia 19″ phone systems have one or two expansion slots which can be used to add ISDN and analog modules. This way you have no problem to continue using your ISDN lines, slowly migrating to VoIP and still having an analog fax machine – whatever your challenge may be.

Oktober 2012

Summers’s almost gone

Summer has been great. Not so much for the weather in Germany, but we had a great time enlarging our team and working on new products. Additionally, we have just released the magnificent new AskoziaPBX intoduction video. Don’t miss it!

Our webpage has been a pretty busy place over the last year. With so many visitors coming from Germany, Switzerland and Austria we’ve decided that it is about time for a German homepage, so watch out for shortly.

Finally, we would like your help in setting up VoIP providers, which is incredibly easy when using our provider templates. We’d like to add more of these, so please let us know what you are using.

Phone System installation support

Installation Support can now be purchased together with AskoziaPBX and gives you access to 30 minutes of email, phone and remote desktop support directly from the support team. If it transpires that you don’t need our help, we can review your configuration and help you improving it.

Love templates? Sipgate and QSC are already there.

AskoziaPBX comes with a number of provider templates to make the configuration of a SIP trunk a walk in the park. We like to add more templates and need your help! Which providers would you like to see supported? Please send your suggestions to

Askozia Blog

Having a platform to share knowledge, help others and talk about stuff we just find cool has been missing for a long time. This is why we revived our long forgotten blog. If you have suggestions for topics, please let us know.

September 2012

AskoziaPBX 2.2 released

AskoziaPBX takes a huge step forward. With version 2.2 we’ve added call recording, automatic phone detection in your local network, support for Alcatel IP phones, black and greylisting, TFTP, a backup function for your external storage and a much cleaner user experience.

The call flow editor was also updated and now provides real time call statistics, agent login for call queues and a number of new modules.Additionally, our webpage was rebuild from scratch and provides new information for all user groups.

Live call queue statistics

The wallboard shows you real time statistics of your call queues created with the Call Flow Editor. It shows you all current calls, what your agents are doing and whom to call back. On top of that, you can export all statistics and further process them with Microsoft Excel or Open Office. The wallboard will improve your productivity.

Call recording for Snom, Yealink, Tiptel, Polycom and Alcatel phones

AskoziaPBX 2.2 supports call recording by button press from every phone. Simply press the record button on your phone and start recording. After pushing the button again or hanging up, the recording is sent to you via email. This works for all supported VoIP phones as well as analog phones.

IP phone auto detection

Do you install phone systems? Then this is going to make your life a lot easier: AskoziaPBX 2.2 automatically detects VoIP phones in your local network. No more entering MAC addresses. It works for Snom, Yealink, Tiptel, Alcatel, Polycom and Panasonic IP phones.