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Automatic provider switching when all lines are busy

Extend provider feature in AskoziaPBX 2.2.3

Recently a lot of people were asking us to allow an automatic switch once all lines of a provider are in use. Or in other words, once all lines of provider A are busy, the phone system should switch to provider B, once all lines of B are busy switch to C etc. and of course all of this without the user noticing.

The most obvious solution would be to allow the same dial prefix (outgoing pattern) for multiple providers. However, this is not possible in AskoziaPBX for a good reason, as this leads to undefined behavior in Asterisk. In some cases one provider is used and sometimes without any clear reason the other. Most of you will agree that you usually have preferences which provider should be used first, which second on so on.

To provide a clean solution for this, we’ve extended the provider failover feature in software version 2.2.3. It’s now possible to select an alternative provider, when all lines of one provider are busy. The main difference is that you can also do that with the alternative provider and with its alternative provider and so on. Basically, you can built an nested list of providers which are used in the definded order. All alternative providers can either have their own outgoing pattern OR the option “no outgoing calls via this provider” (which is equal to no pattern at all) activated.

primary provider phone system

The failover feature is still available as a sub option within the new “extend provider” feature. Select “play tone” if you like to hear a tone signal before every call once you are not using the default/first provider anymore. When updating from 2.2.2 this option is automatically selected.

alternative provider settings phone system

Only one question remains. When will 2.2.3 be are available? We are currently testing the release candidates. If everything goes as expected, the release should within the next 10 days or so. I’ll be back in few days with another fresh new feature.